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Maldives, the Perfect Holiday Destination!

Maldives is in the tropics, near the equator so we have 2 seasons. Just Southwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon. Southwest monsoon which it is at the moment , is sooo rainy and the sky is cloudy with rough seas. But I’m looking forward to northeast monsoon, which is about to start, ‘cos Northeast monsoon is sunny with generally calm seas making it the perfect weather to come to Maldives for a vacation! Read the rest of this entry »


A special B’day celebration…

Hello everyone!!! I’m back with a fresh new scoop, ready for you, TO READ!!! ok, so here’s the update. Today’s my aunt, Maajidha’s(Aishath Maajidha) B’day!well, I am a party-planner, so… I threw her a surprise party.

Thaa Cake

First, we went to a chocolate & bakery shop ‘countline’. there we saw a really cute cake. it was just a little bit bigger than my palm, or maybe the same size. it was chocolate with adorable frosted pink roses on top. when we came home,  I hid the cake ( it was in a paper box) in another cardboard box and went to the sitting room and prepared a small table by simply putting a piece of cloth on top. then, I tied a piece of blue ribbon on a butter knife and brought the cake and put it on the table.  Of course we surprised her by bringing her without her knowing what it was. well, my little brother spoiled half the fun by telling her there was a surprise (he didn’t say anything ’bout a cake). but, anyway it pleased me more than enough to see her face brighten up with a little happiness and surprise.

Through the cake-slicing and distributing, my aunt’s son Zayan (he’s just gonna be 4 this year) was waiting impatiently for his turn. he eyed the cake deliciously. I really enjoyed it, i think everyone else did too!!!


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Inter-School Swimming

Hey everyone! I’m back with an amazing scoop!  No, not the ice-cream kind of scoop. (Scoop is just another word for news, if you haven’t heard)

My cousin Zaina participated in the inter-school swimming competition held a week ago. As you can guess, the competitions were held in the swimming track in the warm Maldives’ sea (not far from the shore. We can see it nicely by sitting on the ledge of the closest wall.) It was awesome I tell you. As Maldives is covered with 99% water, so every citizen has to know how to swim. And all of the swimmers (just kids above 6 years I think) were really great. They sure were fast. I was really surprised.  I watched most of the competitions held with my own eyes. (Not from the TV or anything like that.)

My cousin’s school is just gonna be 5 years this year I think [not sure.]. It is the first time their school (Hiriya School) is participating in the competition and they did well. And what’s more, they only have an under 10 team. But they were spectacular I tell you. The competition was a hoot. I guess you would want to watch the competition so I have added a video of one heat (A heat in swimming is like a group of swimmers swimming the same event.)My cousin participated in. I hope you enjoy it.

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As sunny as one can see,

White sand on the beach,

Crystal clear water in the sea,

    with waves and above it the beautiful breeze.

We get along well,

Maldives and me,

The great place for a vacation.

   and an unforgettable destination



My Blog

Me & the Maldives:

In my blog, you can discover how life is in Maldives. ’bout what stuff I normally do ( not the most normal though ) …  GIRLS’ INTEREST isn’t exactly about Maldives but some find it interesting. There’re stuff like BBQs and Beaches,  and maybe more. i love entertaining people, even if it’s acting funny or writing entertaining articles. i just hope I entertain you enough to bring you back for more … 


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